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Home Study Services
What is a home study?
An adoption home study is a detailed written report of your family compiled and prepared by a social worker. Though home study requirements can vary from agency to agency, state to state, and one type of adoption to another, there are many similarities. A home study general requires documentation, such as birth and marriage certificates; criminal and child abuse/neglect clearances; employment verification and financial statement; reference letters; medical examination; home safety/space assessment; and adoption related training. During the home study process, the adoptive family will be asked to answer various questions, examine their individual and combined histories, and explore their reasons and preparedness to adopt. Through this process, the social worker will work to obtain a complete picture of who you are and what life is like in your family.


Why is a home study necessary?
No matter what type of adoption you are hoping to complete (domestic, international, step-parent, etc) the home study process has three purposes. First, the home study process strives to educate and prepare an adoptive family for adoption. This education and preparation will be tailored to your family’s needs based on the type of adoption you are hoping to complete, as well as the requirements of your placing agency and placing country. The second purpose of the home study is to evaluate the fitness of the adoptive family. This is a time for the family and the social worker together to assess the readiness and appropriateness of a family to adopt. Finally, through the home study process, information about a family is gathered to determine what type of child would be appropriate for the adoptive family. The home study approval will specify the gender, age, race/ethnic, and potential special need parameters that are identified as appropriate for the family based on their experience, abilities, and resources. The social worker will be looking for a good match between a child’s needs and a family’s ability to meet those needs.


How do we complete a home study?
After submitting an application and application fee to MAA, you will receive a packet outlining the various documents you will need to submit in order to complete your home study. Your case will be assigned to a social worker, who will contact you to set up your first appointment together. Payment is due prior to or at the first meeting. Generally, at least three meetings are required, at least one of which must take place in your home. All household members must be met on at least one occasion. Once all information has been obtained and all meetings have taken place, the home study will be written. You will review your home study for accuracy prior to it being finalized.


Post Placement Services
What are post placement or post adoption reports?
Depending on the way that your adoption is completed, Post-Placement or Post-Adoption reports will be needed. After your child arrives, your family will be interviewed to assess the child’s adjustment to his or her new home. A report is then written and sent to the various players in the adoption, including the placing agency, the placing country, and possibly the placing and receiving state’s ICPC (Interstate Child Placement Compact) office. The report is considered “Post-Placement” if the placement agency holds guardianship of the child for a period of time before the adoptive family finalizes in a U.S. court. The report is considered “Post-Adoption” if the adoption is recognized as final in the child’s birth country.


Why are Post-Placement or Post-Adoption reports necessary?
The reports are necessary first and foremost for the best interest of the child. The interview, conducted by an adoption professional that is well educated about adjustment behaviors of adopted children, is a perfect opportunity for your child to be observed by a knowledgeable social worker who will offer feedback about your child’s transition. It is always the goal of this agency for Post-Placement/Post-Adoption visits to be conducted by your original home study worker (if done through MAA), as a rapport has already been established. Your social worker is educated about grieving behaviors, bonding and attachment, and symptoms of attachment problems. She has worked with many adoptive families and can provide reassurance about the child’s adjustment and help with managing especially difficult moments. She can refer you to outside professionals if necessary or requested. She can answer questions about finalization, obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship, applying for a Social Security card, or acquiring an American birth certificate.


The second very important reason for the post placement or post adoption reports is to account to the Placing agency and Placing Country about the child’s adjustment to his or her adoptive family. It is also necessary to provide to the Placing Country a thorough report about the adoption as an assessment measure for continuation of the international adoption program. Most Placing Agencies and Placing Countries require Post-Placement/Post-Adoption visits to occur between one and twelve months following placement, but some countries require visits until the child is 18 years old.


How do we complete Post-Placement or Post-Adoption reports?
Prior to travel or immediately upon returning home with your child, you will need to notify MAA, so that we can schedule and complete post-placement/adoption visits in accordance with the schedule set forth by your placing agency and placing country. Your social worker will then contact you to schedule the first visit. The newly adopted child should be present for all visits. Generally speaking, a minimum of three reports is required. Photos of the child and family must be submitted at the time of each report.

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